Corgi Toys/Dinky Toys.


Welcome to the collection of old Corgi Toys and Dinky Toys catalogues.
They are presented here for your enjoyment; please let me add, I do not deal with the toys themselves nor do I know anything about today's value of those beauties. I can only recommend your relevant local ebay websites for enquiries like these.

Many, many thanks go to Harry Schley, technical director of the Automuseum Melle and founder of the Oldtimer IG Osnabrück. He was kind enough to scan in the Corgi Toys catalogues from 1958, 1970 and 1980/81.

And now enjoy.


What you will find here:

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1958

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1969

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1970

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1973

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1978

Corgi Toys Catalogue 1980/81

Dinky Toys Catalogue 1935 (?) - reprint by Model Collector

Dinky Toys Catalogue No6, 1970

Dinky Toys Catalogue No10, 1974

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